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Six elderly people, seated and using ribbon streamers

Care Homes in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hi, Thank you for visiting Once upon a tune.

I am Diana Peers and I provide fun music sessions in Care Homes throughout Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland.

My sessions offer something for everyone with varied music and lots of opportunities to take part or just enjoy watching all the fun.

Sessions include:

  • Varied themes

  • Wide variety of music

  • Keeping the beat with hands, feet, percussion and props

  • Exploring different tempos

  • Creative fun with different props

  • Fun actions to the music

  • Singing or humming along

  • Rhyme or short story

all within a warm, welcoming atmosphere where input and ideas are cherished and developed.

Everyone is included and can enjoy themselves by watching, keeping the beat, using props and percussion and soaking up the happy and inclusive atmosphere. It's like going on an adventure, brought alive by music, percussion, rhyme and song, all while seated in your armchair or wheelchair. It's always fantastic to see all the varied, creative responses and the development of confidence in the participants.

Everything is optional but as having fun is so infectious people soon feel relaxed and ready to get involved and contribute in the way that best suits them.

Once upon a tune is vibrant, stimulating and interactive, has the feel good factor and makes for a very happy time.

"Diana has been coming to Allachburn for 5 years now and our residents really enjoy her visits. She is always bright and cheery and keeps us all going, staff included. Her music and movement is very varied and she makes sure everyone can do a little something paying attention to their individual needs by getting to know them. I will continue to use Diana's service as it is the best one of its kind that I have seen."

Assistant Manager, Allachburn Care Home, Aboyne

"It's always a pleasure to have Diana in the house and she certainly brings enthusiasm and fun to Ashley House. All the Residents are always happy and glowing and very complimentary once she has been. An excellent entertainer to our Home."

Derek Rettie, Manager, Ashley House Care Home, Aberdeen

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