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Diana telling a story to a class of primary schoolchildren

School visits in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hi, Thank you for visiting Once upon a tune.

I am Diana Peers and I provide storytelling for children aged 4-12 at nursery and primary schools throughout Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland.

I am a registered Storyteller with the Scottish Storytelling Centre and with the Grampian Association of Storytellers and view engaging and stimulating audiences in this age group as one of my specialities.

Interactive Storytelling

Through story I bring projects and topics to life in an engaging, highly interactive and memorable way bringing new ideas and emphases to benefit the children and to encourage their interest in story.

I am willing to research any topic to complement a class project, bring to life a book that is being studied or reflect on an event that is being celebrated. Previously I have brought an added dimension to World Book Day, Author days and chosen books.

Storytelling Workshops

In addition I can provide sessions to encourage and help children develop their own storytelling skills, stimulating their creativity and boosting their confidence. My approach is very flexible and sensitive, adapting to the abilities of the individuals and always looking at things in many different ways to celebrate everyone's input.

"The children loved how interactive the experience was. They enjoyed how Diana incorporated music and actions in the story so that the children could join in. The fun statements at the end of the experience helped the children think outside the box.

Thank you again. You never disappoint!"

Miss Richardson, Hazlehead Primary 3

"One of the key members of the organising and storytelling team was Diana with her understanding of the event, programming ideas, potential audiences and most importantly her storytelling ability and engagement with audiences. I was very happy with the variety and range of stories that Diana chose to tell and also her imaginative use of props and storytelling aids. She clearly has a good way with audiences and brought them into the stories well but also clearly really enjoys telling the tales. The festival also had a number of themes and she was able to have some material to contribute to each which made her an invaluable member of the project."

Stewart Aitken, Artistic Director and CEO of Aberdeen International Youth Festival on the inaugural Aberdeen Storytelling Festival

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