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Diana with a selection of percussion instruments

Additional Support Needs in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Hi, Thank you for visiting Once upon a tune.

I am Diana Peers and I have a great deal of very rewarding experience working with children, teenagers and adults with additional support needs, in groups and on a one to one basis.

My sessions encourage participants to try out lots of percussion sounds, tap along, keep the beat, explore sounds from around the world, make up their own rhythm to the music and use props such as scarves, rods, ribbons and pom poms to discover more about how they enjoy rhythm, colour, tempo and tune.

Children and adults join in wholeheartedly with stories, songs, music and imaginative adventures - together we make it exciting, exhilarating and very special.

I am very flexible and sensitive to everyone's needs, adapting my approach to the abilities of the individuals and always looking at things in many different ways to celebrate everybody's input. Self-expression and confidence are fostered in a relaxed and happy environment.

"Hi. My name is Lynn Huggins. I am a support worker for young adults with learning difficulties. I met Diana Peers at Inchgarth Community Centre where Diana was entertaining all our special needs clients. I could not believe how much Diana really interacted with everyone and more importantly how all our special needs clients started to join in. Diana has a really special way with everyone. She demonstrates so many different ways to have fun with music using lots of different materials. It's a really good class that is loved by everyone that goes there. You are a star Diana and your class makes us all smile and have so much fun. My present client looks forward to a Friday afternoon when Diana is our entertainment. Everyone should try a class with Once upon a tune."

"Inchgarth Community Centre warmly endorses Diana Peers through her Once upon a tune sessions which we have used on numerous occasions. We hire the services of Diana for our children's groups and work with learning and physical disabilities so that they can participate in session rather than merely observe. Diana's approach is to ensure attendees actively participate, express themselves, and share their experiences as a group so that everyone feels confortable, relaxed and gains the fullest enjoyment from the activity.

The sessions are simple, great fun and ensure people leave the activity feeling happy and had the opportunity to try something different instead of just watching. We encourage you to give Once upon a tune a try and commend Diana for her positivity, fun and true empathy for the people she shares her skills with."

Paul O'Connor MBE, Burgess of the City of Aberdeen, Chairman and Manager Inchgarth Community Centre, Chairman Inchgarth Community Council

"Diana is very creative, flexible and perceptive. She adapts her sessions based on the responses from the participant. She's been working with my brother who has cerebral palsy and it's been very successful. He loves it!"

Philip Clemo

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