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Diana telling a tale

Storytelling in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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I am Diana Peers and I am a registered Storyteller with the Scottish Storytelling Centre and with the Grampian Association of Storytellers. I am also registered with the Scottish Book Trust's Live Literature programme.

I provide storytelling to groups, schools and events throughout Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland.

Story appeals to all of us in different ways at different times and there are so many ways of bringing a story to life. I tailor my approach to what is most appropriate for the group or event that I am attending.

For younger audiences this can be very interactive to engage and stimulate, seeking to involve the audience in the story, generating imaginative ideas and sharing the adventures and happenings along the way. To complement my voice, percussion, song and music can be used to great effect to highlight feelings, mood and atmosphere. Sounds and props can also add to the experience.


My aim is to create a vibrant atmosphere that can be magical, enchanting, haunting, and above all, memorable!

The same can be the case for mature audiences or if the preference is for a more traditional approach with less interaction, I can do that too.

I have stories in my repertoire suitable for, and lots of experience with, all types of audience; children's groups, additional support needs groups and adults and I am always ready to explore new areas if you are looking for something different.

To watch videos of me telling a variety of stories, click on the button below. I hope you enjoy them.

You can see my Scottish Storytelling Centre entry on TRACS (Traditional Arts Culture Scotland) at:

and my Live Literature profile at:

George Walker OBE, Managing Director of George Walker Event Management Ltd.: "We were delighted with the wonderful storytelling Once upon a tune provided for all of the children at our Easter event. The families found the experience delightful and Diana's enthusiasm and energy was passed on through all the age groups."

Michael Williams, Storytelling Coach: "I've worked closely with Diana and have come to know her as a talented storyteller who is dedicated to her craft. She is sensitive to the needs of her audience and provides an experience they won't forget."

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